Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

deerhunter review, etc.

it was a total and absolute priv. to play with deerhunter the other night. really great. nice sarah gooding at einsteinmusicjournal gave a cool review of us on the night which you can see in full on their website but here is a wee excerpt:

"It also helped that the night was kicked off by the impressive Dear Time’s Waste, whose Clare Duncan proved she can out-sing most Auckland residents any time, even when she’s got the flu! DTW is growing stronger and more cohesive all the time. More than able musicians in their own right, on first impression they seemed slightly fragmented and unsure of themselves, but after touring and gigging extensively they have become a real force to be reckoned with. Clare’s enviable vocal range and skillful handling of her jaw-droppingly beautiful Rickenbacker guitar, together with the lean and stylish image the band cuts makes DTW a really enjoyable and professional act. With their mesmerising songs pulling a gauzy curtain over the early evening they really set the scene for a memorable gig."

spelt my name wrong, two points off. but 'lean and stylish' - thanks, we have been working on our figures.

also a timely shout to sarah's brother simon gooding at york st for being a super super amazing fellow and engineer for a wee track called 'alice' that is currently in the mix.