Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

this friend of mine has this awesome blog and this is the link

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

body parts

brown spot about
fluff inrising,,
blue rip tied tearing,,
to pale lumps
above wrink led joint
flayed strands
within halfbound curve suck,,
canteen he at her

witha wink ing,, wink l e t the liquid
without tangling,, loose,wet,red,ropes

spla yed fleshy pillows slap
so stick y

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

There is
How was
And an
Absorb in
My waist
What I do
What do I do
The canned
Kia ora
Can you
This instant
My moment
Held forward
We’re ours
My mine
Us ours
My maze
Both ways
Some thinking
I pay
Our bills
These words
From your book
Some concave
Would we be

My speaker
A talker
This much wider
Gutsy average
Sucks a separate
Kind of logic
I build statues
Grey pockets
Cast in glue
Mark jump clunk
Liquid glass
On our crosshatched faces

Sunday, October 4, 2009

an icecream of roses
thread in cone
peeling around
stalks like wire and
as i pull one away
someone coughs .

lemon, seashell, last week’s lilac
my tongue a bouquet circle
in glow hum,
a rush of blonde
a ripened room
>a wave>a circle>a lick
our names a splatter portrait on the wall

department store ceiling is the fluoro sky
a wide tall forceful form
buying socks (yes socks)
the fleecy thick type men wear
connected by plastic. laid flat
we will take them home and roll them into balls.

i exchange coin for cover with that actress via glass pane
she looks serious
a rush of blonde concern
we leave with socks to an open sky
the hill up ahead is the road to school
trees and moves
the actress over there in work shirt and tiny leathers
stalking up all flesh heels legs on asphalt
while the sun threw down

yr body is hidden yr vomit in the gutter rubs
yr head is child-size in a fabric eruption
yr ribs hurt i am looking from up down on you
yr hair curls under me yr lying in bright colour
yr beige seizure yr breath rasps sharping
people stand nearby asking questions .

i feed on my own pillow!
vampiricising sleep!
a wide field where i run races against heads with punched up faces

when my friends return
from prolonged frothing fits of adventure
weeping from each servile crevice
we queue up and shake hand in celebration
we roll an awkward joint in jubilation
still sheepish in the shadow of our parents’ squeaky sneakers
this is the town where i grew up
let us never speak of it again

my seat
a lurcher
smacks of fraudulence, A wandering core
i bleed on my own pillow
the rear door’s open and cold airs flood my upper right thigh
spiral kite, kete ora
i am a messy text; a jumble of alphabits; sever-bellum, brain fixx, pop jizzes:
this is how you spell my name
sola scriptosaurus, on the wall in yellow paint.

Friday, October 2, 2009

ought to want to get away and go get and go away and get go there get arrived and get into go into there be gone be arriving be there be here be into be all over be worked get work go working get to work be at work get good at it go into it all over it get under all be in between it get in the cracks go deep get dirty go wide be broad got greater get enough getting more got wide get got getting got get deep go get
blue frames a window
glass is black
weathered fluoro
and a sports store lit up at night
a straight stretch of town
bricks on weatherboard watch
moon is low
gauzed by patchy square hedge
there is even now
a slivery reflect of unseen beam

please bury me with my boots on
even though you'll have to break my ankles