Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

outside yourself, cold grey in the riverbed,
under your breath singing Phantom, lay your insides out.

swollen breath floods a stale frosty chest
lopsided, it begins to spread
broken and knit into a woollen web

"YOU are the DAY so DAwning"
(I can't see it with these eyes, so squinting, Yet smiling.
(This tongue, lip, hand can't tell your picture For it WILLS me to stop and stare at you


You tug at my secret pocket
And shed THis seamless light
Palm to palm,
Food of flesh unto

Consequent breath, it's cold star fresh in here
This space is shaped like you
Not so selfish
As to keep it to yourself.

I will sit and admire; an eyesmile whispers once,
Once will never be enough.
tell me the reasons why - i cannot realise which one is mine. what better way to sigh
than to exhale all of the things i've tried? lit by white light i write, thinking of
nothing but what i haven't done. twisting the arm of fate, blindfolding everything i'm supposed to


sometimes bloodiness is all i can see -
warming the organs inside me;blaming my brains for my failings;
living two lives that have found me - one where i sit; one i'm standing,
rising on dirt from beneath me

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Language is one of the principal forms our curiosity takes. It makes us restless. As Francis Ponge puts it, "Man is a curious body whose center of gravity is not in himself."

Instead it seems to be located

in language, by virtue of which we negotiate our mentalities and the world;

heavy at the mouth,

we are pulled forward.

Monday, July 6, 2009

the colour blue you're wearing - it makes your mind look sad, and though you smile at me i know you didn't sleep at all last night.

at the midnight supermarket, we can't even get a bottle of wine. next time i guess we'll have to plan if we want to overflow the bags under our eyes.

she cheats on him. he flirts with me. i bite my nails until they bleed. i'm only 21 and i feel like a




this is all, so, SO important
OHMYGOD it's really quite serious.
aging faces
are a visible ache
of all these years living in this serious
serious place!!

(and we went swimming with the shock of it -
- and we went walking underwater)