Monday, August 31, 2009

we inhale air and

we spew glue
flies swim through it
bodies fall
back end

rumble an slosh,

jusget onwithit

a basin of wet rubble
choked up,

we pull at air
and wes pew glue

Sunday, August 30, 2009

last night's dream

department store, a kmart, a wide tall forceful form buying socks, yes socks, the fleecy thick type that men wear
this young lady was at the checkout, through a glass pane
she looked like claire danes, she was claire danes, in my dream she can be especially as we almost have the same name
there was a problem, she looked at me seriously, all blonde concerned
we (?) left the store, me and you with socks and walked up a road to see her ahead, she is dressed in tiny leathers, all flesh heels legs on asphalt while the sun threw down

we spew glue

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

world of words you spill on me and are inhaled by my skin worm through my insides in a stream like sprinkles of starshaped fish somehow coloured by all and of everyone around you through a passage these throbbing walls project and push you along your gentle little way, the stream life the stream life that sounds like singing underwater it is celestial at a distance can I have more reverb on the vocals please

the gap between my cornea my cochlea my cavities is not wide, there is little space through which to give birth because the processes inside never manifest in reality when I was eight I wanted to make a mask, it was of a bird, it was for a parade at my school and it was so clear the picture of the bird in my mind and I was so disappointed when my hands failed to produce what my mind could see I have an idea I have an idea you must understand that I know more than you know what it means, that I understand and that I have an idea I just don’t know how to say it, you must understand that I just don’t know how to say it and my face goes red when I try the processes never manifest the baby’s head is just too big for the birth canal

so cut me open precisely make a precise incision incise precision I think that is a good idea do you? take that scalpel that red surgeon’s mask so I can’t see your teeth or your red lips and cut me open and wait watch the stream explode and flow and the words fly out all over the place and stick to all sorts of objects like little leeches they are everywhere they are on your scrub and glove and red surgical mask and there is one that got cut by your scalpel but now it makes two

the exercise if nothing else spreads the words so you can see the fish in my head that they swim at least as fast as yours, the voices layered upon each other is always a nice trick, your voice sounds nice harmonising with itself singing ahhhhh ahhhhhhh hmmmmmm hmmmmmm ohhh brothheerrr oohhh brotherrrrr over the pvvvvrrrrr pvvvrrrrrrr drone of grey dusty warmth and I want to listen to that song again

I don’t think I’ll read this over but I’m aware of my curling spine spatting like a dying eco bulb, the blue paper balloon light makes this room a morgue and the departure of a flatmate wrapped in wood into the boot of his parent’s car while us two watch tv then do the dishes

still watching a cracked screen it makes its own skyscape it has its own moon and my mum thought it was a painting, it breathes back at me when I push at the pieces with my finger purple ripples cellular divisions and always that one moon in the top left hand corner of the sky that secret spot you want me to show you where to touch

the cmyk flood
how I love your white noise

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I keep my cellphone in my pocket
while I make coffee in the kitchen
I keep my breath close
to my chest as I wait in line
I keep my hands inside my
jacket when I’m walking outside
I keep empty beer bottles in the toilet
and think about removing them
I keep a woollen hat on my head
even though I’m indoors
I keep the door shut when I’m writing
although there’s no one home
I keep a cracked screen beside a new one
because I hate throwing things away
I keep scrolling up to erase the words
with the fuzzy green lines
I keep lists blu-tacked on my walls
despite the peel effect it has on paint
I keep vitamins beside deodorant
I keep a claim form on the desktop
I keep apple juice in a Guinness glass
I keep playing at delete page up <
I keep cameras at the chemist, they have piles of photographs under my name
I keep telling myself I’m interesting
I keep biting my nails
I keep a Mr. Potato Head on my stereo
I keep spending money on food I can’t afford
I keep forgetting to look at my lists because I’ve made too many and they fall off the wall in the cold
I keep Nivea on the shelf and Tascam on the floor, I keep a kitten under my bed and needles on the table, I keep on thinking of you who is reading this now and I keep my underwear in a drawer I keep tapping the F with my left pointer and think of the email I got back from him I keep reading into punctuation or lack thereof I keep my mother’s ring on my wedding finger and my breath steady I keep Nick above the clock and PJ on the opposite so they can see each other I keep a lighter in my bag though I don’t smoke I keep paper in my drawer and my feet up on the dashboard I keep Hejinian on the wall despite the peel effect she has on paint ‘and so I was returning’ I keep my woollen hat on my head I keep my disgusting habits to myself

Thursday, August 6, 2009


a nexercis

of nintellect



the pattern of a tree graph

you, asked to describe

the skin

tween mi fingers peel


and i recognise you by your spectacles and your lesson-voice

fal-yure ,


no, you-are-a fay-el-yure

spun shadow about dis corner

[yo loki com roun dere]

a glance down side me


[data impresito.]

ah, yes take a loan

cone arrow fringe

i just stare back at him

most move at once and loki bak


this seats no room

the separatist


and when the students shift

stiff chest exhausts and i move too, from my space

the bus pssssssshh

breath happy sigh toowanwan

and i feel eyes but just sound conversation

and i think we all thought we'd be brilliant, didn't we all think we'd one of us be?

and i circle cause you're on you and i'm on me yet we both here on toowanwan together.